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This series is handmade in Portugal. The plastic bottles are used to create molds. Pigmented liquid porcelain is poured into the molds, leaving a thin layer that forms the shape. After drying, the inside of the bottle is glazed lead-free and fired at 1300C. All this handwork is done by a team of seven craftsmen, therefore none of the bottles are exactly the same. The picture shown is an indication, minor changes in color are possible. Overall the surface is smooth but small defaults do occur and should be considered as a quality of the product. Vases will be shipped plastic-free, double boxed, and come with a brochure.

Moss #18 | Bottle Vase | Foekje

€ 34,00Prijs
  • Afmeting: 16,8×5,2×2,9 cm
    Gewicht: 0.306 kg

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